GraphyStories is the new Content Discovery and Social Media monitoring tool for Media groups and Brands.

Delivering the most engaging pre-viral stories by analysing the big data from 1000s of international media publishers, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn… Built for your site and your social media accounts. Boosted by predictive analysis capabilities.

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1. Discover the most engaging stories

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The tool analyzes the Google Trends and the articles published by more than 5 000 international websites and social media accounts.

For each single piece of content that is published by the leading media publishers, the tool requests the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn platforms to retrieve the total number of shares.

Thanks to a predictive algorithm, GraphyStories delivers the news about to become popular to community managers, journalists and chief editors.

2. Embed popular videos, images and posts


Everyday, GraphyStories unmounts more than 70 000 articles to discover the sources that are embedded.

Our users can filter the news by Youtube embedded videos, Tweets, Instagram pictures, Facebook posts and Facebook videos.

By automatically providing the right sources to our users, we help content marketing professionals create richer news on their own.

Instagram social media monitoring


social media monitoring


GraphyStories monitors the social media performance of all the Web Articles and Facebook posts from the leading media publishers in the industry.

It also offers market reports to allow content marketing professionals to compare with each other and set realistic targets in terms of frequency of publication and average number of interactions per post.

Used by content marketing experts

The best social media tool for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest

GraphyStories allows content marketing professionals to socialize their websites and optimize the engagement of their social media publishing activities on the web and on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest. It empowers brands with the greatest content to share, media sites with precious insights about their social media performance and agencies with an innovative B2B tool to attract new customers (from Brands to Media publishers).

For Media Publishers

For Media Publishers

GraphyStories empowers editors with the daily delivery of punchy headlines. Journalists can follow the performance of the articles they post as well as those of their competitors. Find the original source of the information and be the first to publish it.
For Brand Content

For Brand Content

GraphyStories provides brand content managers with inspiration about what matters to their audience. No guesswork but competitive market research based on exhaustive social media insights.
For Social media agencies

For Social media agencies

GraphyStories offers agencies a new kind of web analytics reports and social media monitoring, allowing them to stand out from their competitors. It will therefore give their customers a competitive advantage to take up the 2017 challenges of the media industry.

Subscription Packages

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2017 challenges for the media industry

COVERAGE : Don't miss any scoop

Every day, more than 25 000 pieces of content must be curated by newsrooms. GraphyStories is the tool to help you find out which piece of content deserve to be editorialized on your site or on your preferred social networks.

REACTIVITY : Be the first to write it

GraphyStories analyzes the market demand in terms of content and intersects it with the news published by mainstream media sites and by the ones you’ have added to your personal interface.

The most popular Google searches of today correspond to the user demand. By creating content about those topics, you will manage to rank better in Google Search and Google News.

Write the articles your audience is searching for and catch the traffic where it is now.

RICH CONTENT : Embed viral videos

GraphyStories collects for you the YouTube videos at the root of the success of major media articles on social networks.

Systematizing editorial content from popular videos optimizes your SEO and visibility on Facebook and Twitter news feeds and facilitates your positioning on Google News.

ENGAGEMENT : Optimize your interaction rate

Sort the news published in your sector by the total number of social interactions so that you can discover the most engaging posts.

Boost your interaction rate by 3 by writing articles on subjects that prove to engage your audience/community. Get inspired by the most effective articles of your competitors and reshape the substance and form of your articles for more efficiency.

The tool will predict which article  of your competitors will go viral. If you’re not in the race, you can still enter it and be ahead of your competitors.

AUDIENCE : Generate traffic with social recommendation

More social interactions on your site = more traffic from social media. GraphyStories will empower you to source the most promising information which will cause naturally relayed broadcast on social media.


GraphyStories made its first appearance in the press in December 2014. The tool is a continuation of the development of Opengraphy; European pioneer of the integration of facebook technologies together with the socialization of media publishers’ websites.


GraphyStories is one of the first applications in Europe selected by Facebook in its FBstart program because of its strong growth and its relevance in the new context of the media industry. The European Commission has also selected the GraphyStories tool in its FIware accelerator program among its 60 preferred technologies in 2016. In November 2016, GraphyStories also became winner of the IAB France awards as best AD TECH innovation in Social Media & Influence Marketing

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