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Journalists, chief editors and all content creators need to be the first.

The first publishers to write about the latest buzz will attract the more user attention. Graphystories analyzes the web and social networks for you in search for the best story to tell or for the best video to embed in your next post. Be the first to write about the topics that will drive the more interactions & audience. GraphyStories boosts your rankings in Google News and your engagement on Social Networks.

The tool for content


Curate million of stories based on speed of sharing in custom dashboards.

While writing

Embed highly-performing Instagram pictures. Youtube and Facebook videos.


Monitor the interaction growth of your Web Articles and FB posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find trending topics and improve my Google News SEO ?

At the beginning of your day, we advise you to check the most searched Keywords on Google and the hottest topics from Google News. Click on any topic to discover the posts that are the most shared right now on the web and on social networks.

How to identify the best performing story to write about and post on my Facebook Page ?

Several times a day, use our content discovery features and scroll down the list of stories. Filter the stories by time, language, country, or keyword to detect content that will engage your audience.

What is "Velocity" ?

Velocity is an indicator that we have created to identify the posts that are the most shared right now. Combined with time filtering, you can discover stories about to make a buzz in any vertical, from sports to politics via lifestyle.

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If we had to keep one tool in our Newsroom, this would be GraphyStories.
Bruno Durdu - Digital Director Rossel media

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