The new social media monitoring software for Instagram

Instagram offers wonderful pictures to embed in your articles and that are relevant to the actual news.
This is the preferred social networks for celebrities who don’t know how to write. But you do, so…


Instagram social media monitoring software - free trial

GraphyStories helps you capture the most promising Instagram pictures about the moments that raise your audience attention. In the above pctures shared on Instagram, you have the best view of what to embed in your next article about this concert. They have been shared on Instagam in the same timeframe but from different accounts. Give your audience different points of view about a certain event / subject. It’s like periscope but for Instagram.



Why not embedding fresh Instagram pictures and videos in your next web article ?

instagram is not known for its web version but it has one. And you can find any picture embed code to use in your articles.
1000s of pictures are shared everyday and it’s impossible to find the most relevant image to integrate in your next buzz.


The first tool to help you discover great Instagram stories from all over the world

Instagram is the new social network where engagement is high without buying ads to sponsor your animated stories and pictures.
By choosing GraphyStories, you are able to control what is being shared the most on the platform and build unique stories with your media site to engage your audience.


Media publishers are crazy about Instagram News and this new feature, what about you ?

On GraphyStories, you can easily discover which Instagram pictures is being the most embedded on the main publisher sites. Media publishers are using Instagram content to animate their articles and catch user attention with highly graphical visuals.

Just go to the articles section and filter the most shared pieces of content by embedded Instagram pictures. You will understand which Instagram picture is driving user interest in your vertical and you will be able to integrate the right code in your article to display the corresponding picture(s).


Instagram social media monitoring software for media publishers

World premiere : Instagram social media monitoring software for media publishers


Instagram Social media monitoring comes with Twitter and Youtube monitoring also

With the GraphyStories online social media software, you can monitor the latest Instagram pictures and videos but also the most watched Youtube videos and the most popular Tweets.


Social media monitoring software for instagram

Monitor the most embedded instagram pictures in the news with our social media tool for Instagram. Embed better. Get to know the best Twitter and Youtube pieces of content.

Content discovery is not only about facing your competitors performance.

It’s about understanding what they used in their post, not the number of shares they did.

Because you have to replicate their success into a new unique article that everyone will love. This is your responsability to go further by embedding more pictures, videos and texts into your first GraphyStories input. And you cannot ignore what your competitors just did with this precious data.

 Facebook loves this first Instagram social media monitoring tool

As you may know, since the Instagram acquisition, facebook has been investing time and money in building its preferred competitor, the one he would compete with and earn from. By helping the media industry promote the essentials of Instagram, we contribute in the development of the platform in the long term.

We love Instagram and we wish you a lot of success in driving user engagement on and off the platform using your website.