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We are proud to announce the launch of the new “FB posts” section of GraphyStories.

This new feature doubles the potential of our tool for content discovery, content creation and media publishers monitoring : Discover the most shared articles on Facebook

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An exhaustive view on the performance of TOP Media publishers on

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This feature is free of sponsored posts and friends posts.
On Facebook, the Edgerank algorithm deters marketing professionals from evaluating the actual performance of the main media FB posts.


The news that are relevant to marketing professionals are drowned in a sea of advertising and non-relevant posts from friends and family.


Sort all the news on by total number of Shares, Likes and Comments

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Facebook Post UK


The Facebook posts are all listed and sorted by total number of interactions.
Use the filters at the top of the application section to discover the most commented, shared and liked pieces of content published on by your favorite media publishers, from Web, TV and Radio.


Grab the most viral posts from 10 countries in 6 different languages

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Facebook post Pays


Optimized browsing capabilities

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You are the professional and you deserve to browse the worldwide most popular posts quicker than your own web and social networks communities.

To improve the way you consume and share content, we have optimized our front-end infrastructure so that the filter parameters are saved  in the url.

Example : Here are the articles featuring Instagram pictures that were the most shared on Linkedin along the last 24h :

Today, more than 300 media publishers are using GraphyStories daily to discover, write and monitor the news. Together, we are building a unique tool for the media industry.

Thank you for working with us, and don’t forget to share GraphyStories with your colleagues. We offer 2 weeks for free so that they can evaluate the benefits of GraphyStories in their own daily activities.




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