How to count all the social shares for a site, not only for one page

Creating engaging story is the key nowadays. Knowing your social shares for any url has become mandatory, and is part of the fundamental domain-centric social media monitoring strategy.

If you have a website, you MUST know the social shares gravitating around your whole domain. They are the best signal of your performance on social networks as well as in Google Search and Google News.

But nowhere in the Facebook, Twitter and G+ APIs, it’s possible to get the total number of shares, likes, comments, tweets, inShares, and +1 shares for all the pages of a website.


Free Online tools can help you get an instant view on the Facebook and twitter shares for a url.

Some chrome plugins as well as single url explorers exist and can help you get the interactions for a small set of urls / wepages.
Other online tools will bug as of 100 urls because they are not developped to handle such an amount of API requests and data processing. (Big data management is not an easy task but a new job)


Here’s a view of the stats you can get per url on Graphystories / by social network


Social shares for facebook twitter and linkedin




Here’s a view of the Facebook split : total number of likes, shares, comments per article


Facebook like button counter split by likes, shares and comments




So, how to monitor the social shares of websites that have 1000s of pages ?

GraphyStories is a unique tool on the market able to monitor all the social shares of any website in the long term.

With our social media monitoring tool for websites, you can easily discover which of your articles is the most shared on your website and which one you should push on your social media account to boost the viral effect.


Here are the most shared articles on a leading media publisher site


Total number of shares - social media domain analytics



Discover the most shared articles by social networks : Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest


Sort your domain articles by shares on your preferred social network



Creating engaging story is the key nowadays. Knowing your social shares for your urls / domain has become mandatory, and could even be part of the basic domain-centric social media monitoring strategy.

This is something you can already do with Google analytics by tracking the events on social plugins.


The best alternative to Alexa, not for Audience but for Social Media Interactions (Social shares) ?

GraphyStories is the best alternative to Alexa, google analytics, google trends and google news when you need to drive a media publisher business. Not only when you want to know some cold stats, skyfallen news and trends… but when you must set relevant targets, take actions and monitor your performance in an unpredictive social media and domain ecosystem.

When analyzing your website social performance, you cannot only take into account its performance but the performance of your competitor. It will help you set meaningful targets based on data and not on old school guesswork.


More than an instant social media performance footprint, your long-term companion

You cannot just ask the Facebook and Twitter APIs about the performance of your content once. You must follow the increase in the total number of shares in the long term, not only for one article but for your whole domain. Then, you can understand which article is responsible for your increase in social networks traffic but also follow the buzz and predict the next one.

In your account, you can follow the evolution in your publication frequency as well as the social media performance resulting from it.

Social media monitoring tool for websites



Knowing the stats and the content behind the success of your competitors’sites is your new competitive advantage.

On GraphyStories, you can create groups of websites to represent your competitive ecosystem. We recommend to create a group with a list of your websites : proprietary sites or customer sites. We also recommend to create groups for your competitors and for your inspirational websites.
Then, you will be able to compare your performance with the one of your competitors. It will highlights your potential targets in terms of average number of shares per article as well on average of shares per day. But it will also inspire you. You will discover how your competitor are performingand with which piece of content they did generate such a social popularity.


Here is the dashboard CNN is following to watch his competitors and monitor the social performance of


World media publishers social media shares comparison


Try GraphyStories for free and start by adding your custom website url to your settings

When configuring your account for the first time, add your domain url, create groups with your competitors based on a semantic approach that will help you to detect upcoming players in your industry.

Here’s how you can add your site

How to get share counts using graph API

How to get share counts better than with the facebook graph API ?


Here’s how you can detect new competitors to track in the long term

Most shared websites about basketball

This is a search result page of GraphyStories for the “Basketball” query. Save the sites to start following their social media performance in the long term.

Get the total number of shares per url for your website

Get the total number of shares for each website in your vertical