GraphyStories is a start-up founded in 2012 by Antoine Gounel, specialized in the development of big data tools about social media and website domain performance. Antoine has also founded OpenGraphy, one of the first companies in Europe noticed by Facebook for the relevance of its tools, services and apps for high-traffic sites.

On the picture below, Mark Zuckerberg congrats many websites optimized by Antoine and his team. He introduces the achievements of the team as one of the “best examples of new Facebook features integration” (Le, Gizmodo, SudPresse, Les Echos, etc.) as well as OpenGraphy’s Relike TV platform.

Mark Zuckerberg









OpenGraphy got rewarded with the following Facebook badge  « Prefered Marketing Developper for APPS ».


Preferred marketing developer of Facebook have developped the software

Preferred marketing developer of Facebook have developped the software

OpenGraphy and socialization

From its beginnings, OpenGraphy’s mission has been to ensure optimal use of social networks for business portals, facilitating the transition to digital for customers such as :

OpenGraphy clients



With GraphyStories, a new step is taken towards integration of exchanges between users of social networks in development strategy and corporate communication. The benefits of this integration is twofold :

  • Improving relevance of content in users’ social newsfeed for improved exchanges over networks.
  • Improving and sustaining the performance of companies and organizations ready to take the step.

GraphyStories helps the media to modernize itself as a part of the current transformation of information in terms of content. With the main objective to increase our customers’ digital traffic, GraphyStories proposes a new model for news publishing, namely the redirection of popular content to an accurately defined target audience.