Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer

The founders of GraphyStories were one of the very first marketing developers to get noticed by Facebook for their achievements in Facebook developments.

Facebook has noticed Antoine & Aurel in 2009 as they were the very first to respond to the creation of the Facebook Open Graph and to fully dedicate their job to the integration of this technology on high-traffic websites and applications. In the following months, Facebook chose our CEO to introduce the Open Graph and social plug-ins to the French market, in parallel with the F8 conference in the United States. Since 2010, our developers evangelize the Open Graph and the Facebook development platform. During the same year, the birth of the Facebook “Like” button and the growth of the network lead to a strong demand for a professional technology integration.

Through its optimization work on many websites, and its new GraphyStories application, the team has received in 2012 the label “Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer for APPS“. This badge represents the expertise, capacity and specialization of the company in the Tech industry.

What separates a Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) from most other development firms is the ability to understand social mechanics and technical possibilities on Platform.Facebook developer Blog

In 2015, the label evolves and becomes “Facebook Marketing Partners“. In a few month, GraphyStories has become the number 1 tool of the leading media groups in France and Belgium.

The application has been selected by Facebook once again in the FBStart program.