CreatiFI supports GraphyStories

GraphyStories has been selected by the European Commission among the 60 projects supported by CreatiFI, its accelerator for the creative industry and web-based start-ups.

In 2014, the FIware program sent a message to every start-ups and SME’s in Europe: 80 millions euros to share between the most competitive projects giving tech solutions to consumers of tomorrow, as well as companies and public services ready to enter the Digital Age.

FIware‘s ambition is to cover all areas of emerging technologies. To this end, the program is divided into 16 accelerators ranging from health to education through the industry, CreatiFI being the media and web content accelerator.

Antoine Gounel and the OpenGraphy team decide early on to send the GraphyStories project to CreatiFI.

For the selection’s first step, Antoine went to Ghent to meet the Iminds jury, the incubator and research center responsible for monitoring the FIware call in Belgium.

Last December, the verdict. The pitch convinced a jury of international experts and the project has been selected among the top 60 of all submitted projects in Europe. OpenGraphy becomes an official  member of the CreatiFI program.