Chosen by Facebook

Facebook has chosen GraphyStories as one of the first applications in the world to join his new FbStart program!

GraphyStories enjoys since then direct support from Facebook and benefits from its international agreements with leading technology providers.

FbStart is the new 2015 program designed to help Facebook mobile startups to build and develop their applications. The members of this community, in direct collaboration with the Facebook team, enjoy privileged access to a variety of tools and services.

With its new web-app GraphyStories, OpenGraphy was selected by FbStart because of its innovative nature and its promising growth potential. The team received the news as a testimony of Facebook’s renewed trust, which started in 2010 with the Preferred Marketing Developer label.



The support of Facebook

OpenGraphy has privileged access to Facebook interaction data. This support is a quality guarantee for our services and the responsibility we take to ensure the security of our clients’ data and preserve the private life of Facebook users. GraphyStories has access to user’s interaction data without ever touching specific personal profiles. Personal profile data is strictly private.

When a company like Facebook supports the project of an independent team such as OpenGraphy, it is neither charity nor a disguised acquisition. It is Facebook’s best interest to help content creators, newspapers, media and websites in their efforts to inform, challenge and entertain their audience. The strength of Facebook is to provide a platform where the user receives information in an intuitive, natural way. Behind this daily experience for more than one billion users, hide Facebook technologies, which are constantly evolving. Facebook algorithms are always adapting to behavioral changes of users eager to try other services when their needs are not met on the main network. But Facebook technologies are only effective if content creators are also aware of the changing patterns in the habits of network dwellers.

The news market

GraphyStories gives content creators the knowledge of the market demand for information consumption and confront it with their historic offer.

  • Demand : search trends on Google and Twitter hash-tags.
  • Offer : the performance of native websites publications on Facebook and other networks.

GraphyStories compares publications’ performances on the major social networks, each network addressing a specific audience. Facebook being the general public network, it is important for news and content marketing professionals to compare their sharing on other networks in order to target their audience and adapt their content format.

For years OpenGraphy has been consulting with companies to improve their sales using Facebook and other social networks. Their expertise has enabled them to establish a special relationship with Facebook, thus taking the role of an independent transmitter between the platform and content creators. This role is based on a double relationship of trust, one testified by Facebook towards OpenGraphy’s technological expertise and that of customers entrusting OpenGraphy with the task of optimizing their presence on social networks.


Social networks or the voice of public opinion

Few people now dispute the role of social networks in the formation of public opinion. Facebook and Twitter have become essential tools for communication professionals, transforming the communication paradigm by accelerating and facilitating the creation and exchange of information.

At the center of this revolution : the user. The one who evaluates, comments or transmits the article offered to him/her, and the same user creates the scoop or spread a new trend with status updates and blog articles.


GraphyStories is the technological link between businesses 2.0 and social networks users.